Global independent insurance brokers

Over 35 years managing risks worldwide

We are an independent, privately owned broker. We are not bound by shareholders or other insurers. Our client’s interest always comes first, which has helped our reputation become one based on integrity, transparency and professionalism.
We deliver solutions, not problems, to clients worldwide.

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At HW International Group, we pride ourselves on the personal service we give. Our biggest assets are our people and their passion for our clients.

With over 300 employees spread over 17 offices worldwide our clients benefit from our strong global presence without sacrificing the local and personal approach to service which is at the very heart of everything we do.

Our independence is a core strength. It enables us to be agile and flexible. We can respond quickly where and when needed but to also be proactive and targeted in responding to the challenges our clients face in in today’s world of everchanging risk.

We enjoy working closely with our clients and are hugely proud of the long standing relationships we have. Working in an entrepreneurial environment we are able to deliver fresh and innovative solutions. We differentiate from our competitors by offering clarity and simplicity; we challenge the ordinary and find solutions.

Our business has grown and continues to develop as a direct result of the energy and commitment of our colleagues; making us the perfect partner for likeminded businesses.

HWI worldwide

Fully-accredited Lloyd’s broker · Over 35 years · Clients in more than 70 countries · 300 specialists worldwide


  1. Our clients’ interests always comes first.
  2. We are proud to be an independent and privately owned global insurance broker.
  3. Our expert team and our proud reputation are our greatest assets.
  4. We work for our clients, not insurers.
  5. We are challenging, but respectful.
  6. We focus on industry sectors that set us apart from our competitors.
  7. We are a small, but experienced firm that gives professional service with a personal focus.
  8. Our comfort zone begins where the comfort zone of our clients ends.
  9. Our specialized team works collaboratively worldwide.
  10. We continue to work diligently every day to be a trusted partner and challenge conventions.



We have an upstanding team of professionals specializing in marine risks. They are able to offer distinct, competitive and personalized services to our clients. Distance will not prevent us from offering our top service to clients across the globe as we have a mobile team who is prepared to meet you where you are.

Real Estate

HWI’s Real Estate programs are current, innovative and meet all of the latest insurance standards and coverage features. Our goal is to work in partnership with you to create a customized insurance program, anywhere in the world, wherever your interests are.

Health & Employee Benefits

Regardless of whether the global economy appears stable or if the future seems clouded in uncertainty, it is vital to acquire private social security. HWI’s specialists can create a fully customized portfolio of products, from which both large companies and individuals can benefit from fiscally.

Commercial Insurance

The true specialty of our experts is in their ability to balance risk management and insurance protection. The endless diversity of our clients’ activities does not prevent us from offering a range of services capable of both protecting their assets and guaranteeing the continuity of their endeavors in the event of a claim.

High Net Worth

Family insurance requires extremely personalized advice. In fact, we never accept a predefined insurance program, instead we design a custom insurance program for each client and their particular needs. We do this anywhere in the world, and with the most convenient flexibility to meet the needs of each client’s particular case.


Our experience, capacity and position in this market is what allows us to have the ability to lead procedures and offer our clients customized insurance options. We strive to align with all of our client’s objectives, an effort which results in an unprecedented partnership between client and broker.


At HWI we provide solutions for any type of industrial risk, regardless of sector and country of origin. We negotiate with both the national and international insurance markets, at all times being supported by our Reinsurance unit, in order to offer the best conditions for our clients, both in economic terms and overall coverage.

International Programs

It is becoming increasingly more common for companies to have economic interests outside their countries of origin. From our own experience, we know the importance of homogenizing all of our client’s insurance in each country so that it all operates cohesively to have the same level of coverage and service, as well as to optimize the cost of insurance premiums.

Fine Arts & Collectibles

Hugh Wood, our founder, is a world-renowned stamp collector, so as you can imagine, this type of insurance has been one of our specialties since the start of the company. Our global network of offices and our colleagues in the transport unit can also work with you to negotiate hedges on high value objects.


Each day, there are more professionals and professions which require insurance advisors who specialize in professional liability insurance. Our specialists have an excellent reputation worldwide thanks to the speed, expertise and personalization of their service. In fact, we have the capabilities to arrange plans ranging from simple insurance coverage to large, complex policies requiring global solutions.


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